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Property Purchase

Our property purchase loans offer a seamless and efficient way to secure the funding needed for your real estate investments. With loan amounts ranging from £50,000 to £50,000,000 and loan-to-value up to 75%, we empower you to seize lucrative opportunities in the market.

Light to Heavy Refurbishment

Our refurbishment loans are designed to make your property renovation projects a reality. With flexible terms and competitive rates starting from 0.99% per month, we provide the financial support you need to transform properties into profitable assets.

Commercial & Semi-Commercial Properties

Our commercial loans provide the perfect solution for securing financing on commercial and semi-commercial properties. With loan-to-value up to 65% and rates starting from 1.09% per month, we offer the support you need to advance your business goals and expand your property portfolio.

Auction Purchase

Property purchases at auctions can be extremely stressful, but knowing the funds are in place gives you confidence. Here is where Elite Lending can bridge the gap (preauction approval loans). Our auction bridging loans are arranged in a matter of days and are designed to offer flexibility, speed, and efficiency.

Residential (BTL, HMO & MUFB)

Our bridge loans cover HMOs, BTLs, and MUFBs, providing quick solutions with rates starting from 1.09% per month. With competitive rates and efficient processing, we make it easy to seize opportunities and maximize returns on your investments.

Below-Market Purchase

For below market purchases, we offer loans of up to 100% of the purchase value, with rates starting from just 1.09%. Take advantage of this opportunity to secure financing tailored to your needs.


Our rebridging solutions offer loans of up to 75% of the property value, with rates starting at 1.09% for those seeking to repay existing loans.

Development Exit Loan

Our Development Exit Bridging Loan provides financial support for your next project while ensuring your current one is covered. With quick, cost-effective funding for completed residential properties, you can unlock equity or refinance existing loans, giving you the confidence and commercial advantage to keep building.

Land With Planning

Our land with planning loans are commonly utilised for purchasing or refinancing land with planning permission for residential development. We offer loans of up to 60% of the land value.

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